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Unbreakable sport glasses


Innovaatio, toimivuus ja tyyli yhdistyvät: Tutustu murtumattomiin urheilulaseihimme, joissa on maailmanlaajuisesti ainutlaatuinen linssilaatu ja itsesäätyvät ohimot.
G13 black matt Urheiluaurinkolasit
black matt
6 Color variations
€ 99,90
G9 RADICAL transformer energizer Urheiluaurinkolasit
transformer energizer
3 Color variations
€ 209,90
G14 iceberg Urheiluaurinkolasit
1 Color variation
€ 149,90
G16 KTM RC16 Urheiluaurinkolasit
1 Color variation
€ 179,90
G9 XTR XTR blue Urheiluaurinkolasit
XTR blue
1 Color variation
€ 169,90
G15 black matt Urheiluaurinkolasit
black matt
4 Color variations
€ 119,90
G11 RADICAL blue Urheiluaurinkolasit
3 Color variations
€ 179,90
G10 annapurna TRF Urheiluaurinkolasit
annapurna TRF
1 Color variation
€ 179,90
G3 ivaldi 2
ivaldi 2
1 Color variation
€ 149,90
Junior blue
4 Color variations
€ 89,90

The best choice for active lifestyle: buy unbreakable sports glasses online

If you're looking for a pair of sports glasses that support your active lifestyle and offer both functionality and style, our unbreakable sports glasses are the perfect choice. These are specifically designed for sports activities and offer optimal protection, comfort and performance.

Featherweight and self-adjusting temples for maximum performance

Our unbreakable sports glasses are characterized by their feather-light weight and self-adjustable temples. These allow an individual adjustment to the head shape and ensure maximum wearing comfort and firm hold during your sports activities.

Sports glasses protection categories

Sports glasses are divided into different protection categories (0-4) depending on how much light they absorb. For most outdoor sports, protection categories 2 and 3 are recommended, while category 4 is suitable for extremely bright light conditions, such as in the mountains or on the water.

Sports glasses with prescription

For athletes with impaired vision, there are sports glasses with prescription. These offer an individual correction of your visual impairment and at the same time give you the advantages of high-quality sports glasses. You can get more information about this from our specialist dealers.

What should you look for when buying your sports glasses?

  1. Protection category: Choose the right protection category for your sport and the prevailing light conditions.
  2. UV protection: Make sure the glasses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection.
  3. Fit and Comfort: The glasses should fit comfortably and not slip.
  4. Material: Unbreakable and lightweight materials such as NBFX™ are advantageous.
  5. Polarized lenses: These can reduce glare and improve vision.
  6. Sight: If necessary, choose sports glasses with individual prescription.

For which sports are the sports sunglasses suitable?

Sports sunglasses are suitable for a variety of sports, including:

  1. running
  2. cycling
  3. hiking and mountaineering
  4. golf
  5. water sports (e.g. surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing)
  6. winter sports (e.g. skiing, snowboarding)
  7. tennis and other ball sports

Depending on the sport, specific models and lenses may be designed for optimal performance and protection. Be sure to choose the right sports glasses for your needs.

Which lenses are suitable for which sport?

Choosing the right lens for your sports glasses depends on the type of sport and the requirements associated with it. Here are some recommendations for different sports:

  • Running: Glasses with good contrast enhancement, such as yellow or orange tints, can be helpful in low-light conditions or in the woods. For sunny days, brown or gray lenses provide good glare protection.
  • Cycling: Similar to running, yellow or orange lenses are good for cloudy days or riding in the woods. For sunny conditions, brown, gray or green lenses provide optimal glare protection.
  • Hiking and mountaineering: For these sports, glasses with high glare protection and good contrast perception are important. Brown, gray or green lenses with protection category 3 or 4 are recommended here. Polarized lenses can also be advantageous.
  • Golf: Lenses with enhanced contrast perception, such as brown or yellow tints, are helpful to better see the golf ball and appreciate the green structure. Polarized lenses can reduce glare.
  • Water sports (e.g. surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing): Polarized lenses are especially important in this category to reduce glare on the water. Gray or brown lenses usually provide the best protection and visibility.
  • Winter sports (e.g. skiing, snowboarding): Lenses with protection categories 2, 3 or 4 are suitable for winter sports enthusiasts. Orange, yellow or pink lenses improve contrast perception and are good for low light conditions. Brown, gray or green lenses are ideal for sunny days.
  • Tennis and other ball sports: Lenses that increase contrast, such as yellow, orange or brown tints, are helpful in this category. They allow better recognition of the ball and improve reaction time.

In any case, it is important to choose lenses that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. Self-tinting lenses can also be a good option, as they automatically adjust to changing light conditions.

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